Fisheries Techniques Companion Visuals


The companion visuals for the second edition of Fisheries Techniques are available for download.  For each textbook chapter a slideshow has been developed and is available in pdf format.

We hope you will find these visuals useful for your teaching.

This project was undertaken by a special committee of the Education Section, co-chaired by Trent Sutton and Steve Lochmann.  Thank you to the co-chairs, and especially to all the chapter authors and individuals who provided the figures.


Chapter Download
Chapter 1:  Planning for Sampling pdf
Chapter 2:  Data Management and Statistical Techniques pdf
Chapter 3:  Safety in Fisheries Work pdf
Chapter 4:  Aquatic Habitat Measurements pdf
Chapter 5:  Care and Handling of Sampled Organisms pdf
Chapter 6:  Passive Capture Techniques pdf
Chapter 7:  Active Fish Capture Methods pdf
Chapter 8:  Electrofishing pdf
Chapter 9:  Collection, Preservation, and Identification of Fish Eggs and Larvae pdf
Chapter 10:  Sampling with Toxicants pdf
Chapter 11:  Invertebrates pdf
Chapter 12:  Tagging and Marking pdf
Chapter 13:  Acoustic Assessment of Fish Abundance and Distribution pdf
Chapter 14:  Field Examination of Fishes pdf
Chapter 15:  Length, Weight, and Associated Structural Indices pdf
Chapter 16:  Determination of Age and Growth pdf
Chapter 17:  Quantitative Description of the Diet pdf
Chapter 18:  Underwater Observation pdf
Chapter 19:  Advances in Underwater Biotelemetry pdf
Chapter 20:  Sampling the Recreational Creel pdf
Chapter 21:  Commercial Fisheries Survey pdf
Chapter 22:  Measuring the Human Dimensions of Recreational Fisheries pdf