The Education Section of American Fisheries Society


Improve the Quality of Education for Fisheries Students and Scientists


Promote Exchange of Education Information, Techniques, and Materials among Educators and among Educational Institutions


Foster Improved Communication and Information Exchange among Fishery Educators, Employers, Fisheries Specialist, Students, and the Public

The Education Section of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is an association of AFS members whose goals are to:

  1. improve the quality of education for fisheries students and scientists,
  2. promote exchange of education information, techniques, and materials among educators and among educational institutions,
  3. foster improved communication and information exchange among fishery educators, employers, fisheries specialists, students, and the public.

In this website you will find information useful to educators, students, and other professionals interested in fisheries education. The website includes information on the background, governance, special activities, and functions of the Education Section, as well as many links of interest to fisheries educators and students.

If you are interested in joining AFS and the Education Section, simply follow the link on becoming a member.

For more information on AFS, visit the official AFS website at www.fisheries.org.