The News Reel (April 2024)

The Education Section of the American Fisheries Society Newsletter

Meet the President Elect

Hi everyone, I’m Rebecca Krogman, a research biologist with Iowa Department of Natural Resources, recent Adjunct Professor at University of Florida, and now agency co-chair on a graduate committee at University of Nebraska – Kearney. My team focuses on large reservoirs and all the fun challenges they pose, conducting special research projects for the fisheries managers that manage our state’s aquatic resources. I earned my B. S. from Iowa State University and M.S. from Mississippi State University.

I am so excited to join the Education Section’s Executive Committee, as my position involves a unique connection between academia and agency resource management. I oversee a graduate internship pro- gram, in which we employ a student for the duration of their Master’s degree, engaging them in an applied research project needed by DNR, and make them a regular member of our team. This program has yielded wonderful employees, but also highlighted the lack of support for students and early career professionals who don’t have a large/local university with a Student Subunit.

We are now working to establish a cross-campus Subunit as part of the Iowa Chapter of AFS—a setup that is logistically more complex than a single university-affiliated subunit—in hopes of establishing a structure that works well in other Chapters. My priority is providing quality research and field experience for students, ensuring they have access to professional development opportunities, while developing skills that are valuable to fisheries management agencies.

I have served AFS as Iowa Chapter President (2022-2023), Fisheries Information and Technology President (2017- 2019), NCD Reservoir Technical Committee co-chair and chapter representative (2014- 2023), Mississippi State Subunit President (2011-2012), Iowa State Subunit President (2009-2010), and various committee and working groups. I’ve organized symposia and workshops, and more recently have focused on writing book chapters that will hopefully be used in your classroom. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to build on Melissa and Marty’s work, developing better educational resources from AFS and supporting students and early career professionals.

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