AFS Best Student Paper/Poster Awards

Calling all student researchers and mentors of student research!

We’re looking for applicants for the AFS Best Student Presentation and Poster Awards!  In past years, the competition has been held during the AFS annual meeting and students had to choose between the Best Student Presentation/Poster Symposium or another topical proposal and had to attend the meeting in person.  This year’s hybrid meeting is giving us an opportunity to try something new.  Students can apply to be considered for this award following the guidelines in the attached document.  The requirements for the application include:

For Presentations:

  1. An extended abstract
  2. An advisor support letter stating that the research project is in a completion stage. 

For Posters:

  1. A standard abstract (i.e., one that follows the same guidelines for submitting to the AFS annual meeting)
  2. An advisor support letter stating that the research project is in a completion stage. 

Applications are due via email to Melissa Wuellner ([email protected]) by September 1, 2021.  Finalists for the awards will be selected based on the application.  Finalists will need to be registered for the AFS annual meeting but do not have to be present.  If selected, recordings of presentations and posters will need to be uploaded to the AFS conference system no later than one week prior to the start of the meeting.  Judges will review the finalists’ recordings and announce the winners during the annual meeting. 

We hope these changes will encourage even greater student participation in these awards.  For more information, including examples of extended abstracts and contact information for the award co-chairs, please visit the Best Student Presentation and Poster Award webpage on our Education Section website. 

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